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Studying field

Int. Marketing & branding

This Course Includes 5 Levels:

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding
  • Marketing Budget
  • International Marketing 

International Law

This Course Includes 3 Levels:

  • Principles and Sources of International Law
  • Legal Frameworks for International Business Transactions
  • Impact of International Law on Multinational Corporations

Health & Fitness Studies

This Course Includes 3 Levels:

  • Introduction to Health & Fitness
  • Fitness and Detox
  • carbohydrates structure 

International Business

This Course Includes 5 Levels:

  • Business Fundamentals
  • Starting a Business
  • Daily Operations
  • Teams and Responsibilities
  • Buildup an International Business

International Economics

This Course Includes 12 Levels:

  • Introduction of Economics
  • Micro & Macro Economics
  • Elasticity, Supply & Demand
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Production & Costs
  • Market Structure
  • Money, Banking & Gov. Policy
  • International Trade

international Finance

This Course Includes 8 Levels:

  • International Finance Introduction
  • Foreign Exchange Markets
  • Currency Exposure & Management
  • International Capital Flows
  • International Banking & Lending
  • Sovereign Debt Crises
  • Global Financial Institutions

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We offer the opportunity to graduate officially from the United Kingdom, ensuring that your degree and certifications carry international recognition and credibility. Our commitment to excellence in education with prestigious UK institution guarantee a valuable and respected qualification upon completion of your studies.

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Absolutely! Liverpool College LPC provides flexible online learning options, allowing you to study and complete your degree from anywhere in the world without compromising your other commitments.

Yes, Liverpool College LPC offers a wide range of courses for professional development and personal enrichment, in addition to degree programs.

Whether you want to enhance your skills or pursue a personal interest, we have options to suit your needs.

Yes, Liverpool College LPC offers officially recognized degrees and certifications that carry international recognition, including accreditation from reputable UK institutions.

Yes, Liverpool College LPC accepts credit transfers from accredited institutions, allowing you to build upon your previous education and save time and money. Our dedicated admissions team will evaluate your transcripts and work with you to maximize the transfer of crdits towards your degree program.